Jan. 15, 2007

Dragonfly Views is now at http://dragonflyent.blogspot.com/

I'll be updating the button links on all pages as soon as possible.

Nov. 27, 2006

Dragonfly Flipz Book movies on Gametrailers. com and Youtube.com.

Man, how time flys, or more truthfully, how really lazy I've been about update this blog. I haven't been a total slug it's just I've been busy developing Dragonfly Flipz™ min-books further and posting Dfly Flipz movies on other sites, Gametrailers.com and Youtube.com. Click on the links to check them out.

April 25, 2006

Dragonfly Flipz Mini-Books

I've been busy trying to survive this crazy animation business and move ahead on my Dragonlfy Flipz books. This is just a quick note to say I'm still around. I'll try to post new art samples later this week. I missed several comic cons (Wizard's and APE) , but look forward to attending E3 and the Gathering of Gargoyles coming up soon. I'm thinking of making some changes big and small, one may be to switch to Blogger for the DFly Views. Another would be to do some major redesigning of this site layout.

One of the major things I've been doing over the past few months is reviseing my Dragonfly Flipz TPB (5" x 7") into a Mini-book (3 1/2" X 5"). I think this may be the format "sweet spot" for my books. It's larger that the my first flip books but smaller than the trade paper back. The feedback from a major publisher was that the TPB size didn't offer enough content. This new mini-book size would be more in line with the novelty mini-books you see at the racks near the checkout counters in the book stores. I'm still working on some variations of the format to combine text pages with the flipbooks, and using a combo of standard comic pages and flipbook pages. As always, it's trying to find the time and money to do it. I hope to do a test printing of Warrior in the Mist in this mini-book format soon.

Oct 27, 2005

Valiant Comic Page, more Storyboards Pages and more posted.

I managed to finally post some Valiant comic book pages for Valiant fans I met at he San Diego Con last July. I have a special treat for Valiant in the works, check back soon. I also posted more storyboard pages from "Legend of the Dragon" produced by Tom T. Animation and Gang of Seven studio. They're a great group of animation artists and fun to work for. So far, "Dragon" isn't being shown in the US yet, so I don't have any screen shots of the shows I worked on. I'll try to post some from the show web site. I current working on "Biker Mice from Mars" storyboards with Gang of Seven. Hopefully that will be aired here in the U.S. I trying to keep my promise to post a lot of new pages ,so keep checking in.

Oct 19, 2005

New Storyboards Pages

Sorry for the long gap in updating. I plan to post a lot of new pages this week starting with some new storyboard pages. Check out the new posting of storyboard pages I did on "Ozzy and Drix", "Tutenstein", and revised page ot "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" . I have added screen shots from the shows when possible as a way of comparsion between storyboard art and the finished product. Look for more update later this week. Enjoy.

Aug. 25, 2005

Post - Comic Con wrap up.

Having decided to forgo a table at the Comic Con this year, I choice to roam the vast convention floor and talk to as many company execs, artists, and other exhibitors, who might be interested in my Dragonfly Flipz. I'm happy to said, it seem like tihe right thing to do, I recieved good responces and more solid contacts on my first day to at the Con , then the whole time at my booth last year. One trading card company, two online gaming companies, an a major publisher, all were interest to warrant making a sample packs and proposals (which were done after the Comic Con). I'm in the process of following up on those new contacts and hope to be able to share the details of the outcomes soon.

Comic Con is also the time to renew old contacts and make new friends, I dropped by the Dark Horse Booth and meet with Anita Nelson, VP of Sales and Licensing, and Leigh Stone, Sales and Licensing Coordinator. who are helping me move ahead with my planned Concrete Comix Flipz™ project ( which is due for a update, soon). These two "ladies", in the true meaning of the word, have just been wonderfully supportive and helpful to me. It's alway a pleasure to see them the Con. Our common connection is Paul Chadwick. Paul is in the process of finish an intro for my Concrete Comix Flipz, as soon as I send him some info about how I started project. I will be fun to hear about it from his perspective. As I said look for an update on the Concrete Comix Flipz project soon.

Another artist who I'm doing a Dragonfly Flipz project with is Steve "The Dude" Rude of Nexus fame. I dropped by his booth and he was very kind and friendly to my two sons (7 and 8 years old) who attended theComic Con for the first time (they only visited on sunday with my wife, and three hours was their limit, not bad for their first to the crowded madnessof the convention floor). Steve asked the my boys for a sketch request and they answered "Godzilla " and "King Kong", not quite super hero stuff, but Steve did two great drawing.

As it happens I rarely get to attend any of the panels at the Comic Con, but I did make several the I had a connection with, in some ways. One was the "Stan Lee Presents" panel put on by IDT and Film Roman, It presented a preview of the six animation projects based on new characters created by Stan. I worked as a storyboard artist of one of them, "Condor". The presentation was a little thin. I heard they ( the creative team) didn't have much time to put it together. But Stan saved the day with a 45 minute question and answer session. Too bad most of the questions were about his Marvel characters and not the new projects. Oh well, so it goes.

Another panel I dropped in on was the Slave Labor Graphic presentation where they announced they were going to do a comics based on the Disney Gargoyles show. Gargoyles creator and exec producer Greg Weismen was on the panel. Gerg will be writing the books. Details are still sketchy but the project is moving forward. Greg was kind enough to point me out in the audience ( I was a co-producer / director on the show). Someone even asked for an autograph. I wish SLG and Greg good luck with project. I look forward to seeing where Greg takes the characters without the creative limits we worked under for the tv show.

I experienced a real blast from the blast when run into Robert Mandell creator and executive producer of the Galaxy Rangers TV Show, now in release on DVD. The Galaxy Rangers was the first animation series I worked on (I mentioned this before in an early post). I hadn't seen him in ten or so years. His panel was put together my Casey Lau of Hyperchild, which is putting out action figures of the main Galaxy Rangers character this fall. I missed the panel, but got to talk to Robert and Casey at the Hyperchild booth. I plan to propose doing some Dragonfly Flipz™ book for the Galaxy Rangers, I think that would be fun to feature some of my faverite scenes.

Scanning the pages of the massive Comic Con program book, I came across a fan gathering I dropped in on, just on impulse. It was the "Friends of Valiant", Jim Shooter's comic company. Again, I was curious because I work on one of the early Valiant Licensed comics "Captain N". Actually, those three assignments were my first and only published comic work until the release last year of my own 'Warrior in the Mist" into Komikwerks Volume 2. I wasn't sure I'd be welcomed since I didn't work on any of the later super hero stuff. But as i it turned out, I was welcomed with open arms and asked to join the panel by quest panelist Kevin Vanhook, who wrote and edited for Valiant. talk to both of them aI know Kevin for several years but we didn't at Valiant, Kevin did CGI animation work on the Nascar Racer series I did at Saban / Fox Family, He is also an exec at Film Roman, the company doing the Stan Lee presents projects I mentioned above. I'll definitely had to visit the "Friends of Valiant" web site. I'll have to post the Valiant pages I did also. I've been planning on doing that for the past year now. Time to get cracking.

With all the hyperactivity in the Con, some of the best times is outside, when you can sit down to dinner with new and old friends. I had great dinner with a group of artists and writers I meet through Larry Houston, producer / directior/ artist, best know for work on the first Marvel X-men animated series. Our time at Buster, was full of good comversation and thoughtful exchange of ideas. I hope we can meet again next year and do it again. My thanks to Larry, Lynn, Monroe, Veronica, and two others who's names slip my mind at the moment. u

Looking back on the above post it may be time to get a proper Blog. I'll keep you posted.

Dennis Woodyard appearance at the Gathering of Gargoyles canceled due to illness.

It was with much regards that I had to cancel my appearance at Gathering of Gargoyles convention this year due to a medical emergency. The week after Comic Con, I fell ill with what turned out to be an bleeding ulger, which resulted in a four day hospital stay. Since the Gathering was five days after my release from the hospital, my doctor advised me not to attend. I want to thank all Gargoyle fans for their well wishes and the get well card given to me by Carol Wagner, at a post-Gathering lunch. (My special thanks to Carol for all her help). I look forward to seeing everyone next year at the Los Angeles Gathering of Gargoyles. I promise I'll stay well for that one.

June 20, 2005

Dennis Woodyard to be guest at the Gathering of Gargoyles.

I was honored to recieve a invitation to be a guest at the upcoming Gathering of Gargoyles to be held in Las Vegas on July 29 to August 1. I quickly accepted. This is the annual fan convention celebrating the Disney TV series "Gargoyles" for which I served as a co-producer / director on. The Gargoyles fans are the most loyal, intelligent, and creative group of individuals you'll ever have the pleasure meet. I look forward to attending the "Garthering" again. The last one I attended was in 2001, which was held in L.A., and a great time was had by all. Click on the highlighted link to visit Gathering of Gargoyles website for more info. Hope to see you there.

May 26, 2005

E3 Report: Dragonfly Game Flipz™ Connects at E3.

I had great time at E3. I only got to attend two of the three days (wednesday and friday), but I made the most of it. I visited as many booths as possible. There is a wave of excitement for the coming new consoles. The many eye-popping game trailers and demos may keep me busy making Game Flipz samples of them, just the fun ot it. But, hopefully, I can arrange some licensing or publishing deals. In the meantime look for Game Flipz™ Concept Mockups of some the game trailers the caught my eye.

One of my main main objectives was to connect Prima Games, the game guide book publisher, and Sigil Online Game, both of which I've had contact with before. My thanks to the respective company reps who viewed my Dragonfly Game Flipz™ samples and offered very positive feedback. I'll be following up on those booth visits soon.

Also, while visiting the Square-Enix booth I meet G4TechTV on air host Laura Foy. I introduced myself and handed her a Game Flipz™ Flyer and Dragonflty Flipz™ Sampler. She seem to like it and said she'd pass it on to her producer. Thanks Laura.

Halo and Vanguard Game Flipz™ Revealed

Check out the revised Game Flipz™ page and see the Halo Game Flipz™- TPB and Vanguard- Saga of Heroes Game Flipz™ books. These are proof of concept mock ups. A sample of the Halo Game Flipz™ was sent to a director at Bungie, so far I haven't recieved a reply or response to my package, but I'll keep trying. On the other hand, Sigil, developer of Vanguard, has seen very strong interest in the Game Flipz books. I hope to talking to them soon.

More posts to come.

May 13, 2005

Late Updates:

Sorry for the delay in updating. I'll be writing more in the next few days. For now, please check the new updated pages,

Since my last update in october I've been struggling with the problem of properly launching my Dragonfly Flipz books ( my original mini book size), losing my office space and finding animation work.

Introducing Dragonfly Flipz TPB.

I must admit it's sort of a "Catch 22", the comic distributor likes the product but doesn't feel the comic shops will buy them (although, I've already sold and continue to sell some to my local comic shop - go figure). On the other hand, a large mainstream distributor (shipping to gift shop and general retailers), wouldn't consider them without major known licensed characters attached (like Betty Boop, Superman, etc.) and having a line of at least ten books with a print run 10 to 20 thousand each. As a start up enterprise, that was too big a risk to consider. So, I had to rethink my options. In trying to come up with a solution for printing more Flipz™ books inexpensively but maintaining quality, I planned to start with some B&W books and use a "print-on-demand" printing service so I could start with a small print run, for promotional samples and test marketing. In addition, attempting to save more money, I planned to gang up the books and print six Flipz™ book titles on a 6" X 9" book layout and cut them apart myself. The cutting cost adds a lot the print price. At your local print shop like Kinko's it could cost you a $1.00 a cut. I need 6 cuts pre book times a 100 book equal a $600 saving. But as I was preparing the pre-press art and test printing on my office printer, I discovered a new format, the Dragonfly Flipz™ TPB (Trade Paper Back) format. This gave me renew energy and fueled a creative burst . You can view the results on my updated Comiz Flipz™ TPB, Game Flipz™, Cinema Flipz™ and Toon Flipz™ pages. The Dragonfly Flipz TPB format actually helps me realize the basic idea I wanted to explore with Dragonfly Flipz™, that is telling stores in flipbook form. The TPB from also allows me to do much longer stories and in the case of Dragonfly Game Flipz™I can present whole game trailers and intros in one book. I worked up a new batch of Dragonfly Flipz™ TPB samples in rapid sucession. I was back on a roll!

Back to work.

But first the pesty issue of earning a living to support myself and my family had to be addressed. Luckily, things in the animation business started to pick up some. I did some freelance stryboarding for S&D Entertainment on the new CGI show "Alien Racers" (which just started airing on 4Kids TV), and Warner Bros. "Firehouse Tales, also a CGI show about little kid firetrucks in training. It a nice show for pre-schoolers. Then at the end of december, a friend called and offered me a staff storyboard on a series of "Stan Lee Present" animated direct to DVD project. Currenty I'm in brief (I hope) layoff after finishing work on the first story. But, besides the downside of losing a steady paycheck, the layoff actually came at a good time, being I spend my first week after leaving moving my office.

Dragonfly Ent. moves.

As of May 1, 2005, Dragonfly Entertainment has relocated to a new location: (see the revised info page). Several factors contributed to the move. The company I rent from was sold and the new owner wasn't sure they'd keep the space in as much a they had a main office in the neighboring city, Pasadena. So, I was sort of renting a month to month basic. To end the uncertainty, I decided to move. Luckily, I could keep my phone numbers , but it still means all the hassle of a change of address, revised business cards, stationary , various accounts, etc. As I setttled in to my new office another interest opportunity presented it, a chance to show Dragonfly Flipz™ at the Cannes Film Festival in France..

Dragonfly at Cannes (Sort of...)

In the course of seeing an business consultant, Robert Kowak, I was introduced to independent fim distributor, Grant R. When I first meet with him last fall, he was kind enough to review my mini Dragonlfy Flipz™ books. Although he found them interesting, he wasn't sure if he or other film distributors would want them. But, at the request of Robert Kowac the consultant, we met again and this time I showed him the Dragonfly Flipz™ TPB samples. He again liked them, though still having reservation, he agreed to take samples of my Dragonfly Flipz™ to the Cannes Film Festival in France. I agreed to work up a two samples: a children's film /video property and classic film. So, the second week of my layoff, I did the "Metropolis" Cinema Flipz™ TPB and the "Merlin and the Dragon" -Toon Flipz™ . Because, I was short on time , I did the full Metropolis TPB, but although I started the Merlin and the Dragons TPB, I only did a mockup of the book and a finished Mini Flipz™ Book. (I am the credited co-drector and storyboard artist on the Merlin and Dragons DVD). In anycase, I delivered he samples to Grant and he, and they, are moving among the wheelers and dealers at Cannes. This may be the closest I ever to being a part of the that festival, but for all it's worth., I'm happy for the chance. The feedback, good or bad, will be well worth the effort I spent on making the samples.

By the way, Robert J. Nowac is available for General Marketing Consultation and Entertainment Marking & Production Consultation work. He can be reached at his company:

Arjay Productions, 2655 30th St. - Suite 201, Santa Monica, Ca 90405- 3028,

Phone/Fax (310) 450-0657.

Tell him I referred you when you call.

Dragonfly Game Flipz heads for E3.

Loaded down with my new Dragonfly Game Flipz™ samples I plan to attend E3, the big video game industry and talk to as many game companies as I can in the three event. I'll be posting new updates here daily (if I can).

Galaxy Rangers, Gargoyles, and coming Thundercats DVD releases.

Recently, I've been pleasantly surprised to find a lot of the old shows I worked on are being released on DVD. First the Gargoyles, the Complete First Season, from Disney TV. came out in december. I work on the second season, so i hope this first DVD does well so they will release the remainer. More of a shock to me was the release of the Galaxy Ranger DVDs. The Galaxy Rangers was the first animation series I worked on. More importantly, it was on that show were I met some of my dearest and closest friends for the first time, which can also be said about the Thundercats . Now, it's be confirmed the Thundercats are being released on DVD this coming august. I still think of that as the best job I every had. Again, I worked on the last 30 shows, so I hope they release all the episodes. I'll have to post images and clips of the Rangers, Gargoyles, and Thundercats (and the other DVD and Video credits I have) soon. Also I'm thinking of approaching the rights owner to present proposal for Dragonfly Flipz book. Mostly likely I'll just do some for the fun of it.

Oct. 4, 2004

Dragonfly Entertainment posts new Projects.

Dragonfly Ent. adds two new projects to web site "Tailgunner Jones" and "Mojo Squad".

Sept. 9, 2004

Dragonfly Entertainment Posts new Thundercats Cel and production art

August 2, 2004

Dragonfly Entertainment at Comic-Con International - San Diego.

Dragonfly Entetainment returned to the Comic-Con International held on July 22 to 25. I would like to thank all the attendees who visited our booth and brought the just released "Alien Parade, Part 1 - Web Flipz™ and the Dragonfly Flipz™ Sampler. Dragonfly. Dragonfly Ent. also previewed the upcoming Steward Lee's "Cat Burglar - Web Flipz™" book, the "Warrior in the Mist - Comix Flipz™ #1 , #2, and #3 of the planned 6 flip book set and the "Alien Parade - Part 2 - Web Flipz™. Look for more news on upcoming projects soon.

The Comic-Con was a blast as always. It believed it was the largest, in regard to overall size, to date. My thanks to my friend Nick Filippi for helping me at my booth. I look forward to returning to the Comic-Con next year with a full line-up of Dragonfly Flipz™ products.

ess releas

May 14, 2004

Alien Parade Part 1 - Web Flipz™ sale date revised to sale June 1..

Press release: Alien Parade, Part 1 -Web Flipz™ book will now go on sale June 1, that is the new date my printer plans delivery, Again, be sure to pre-order soon as this is sure to be a sell out.

Dragonfly nabs Steward Lee's "Cat Burglar".

Press release: Dragonfly is proud to announce that animator and comic artist Steward Lee's "Cat Burglar", animated short will become a Dragonfly Flipz™ Web Flipz this summer. "Cat Burglar" is featured on online at www.stewardlee.com and www. maverixstudios.com

New Thundercat Cel images posted.

Finally, as promised many times before, I have posted some new Thundercats cels. The main reason it took so long is that I was selling most of my cels on Ebay, That one I still have to post will be the ones I don't plan to sell. There are a several posted on this site that were sold already, but I don't think the new owners will mind me sharing their image with you. Look for more Thundercat art soon (okay, you heard that before). Enjoy.

Mar. 30, 2004

Alien Parade Part 1 - Web Flipz™ to go sale May 24.

Press release: Alien Parade, Part 1 -Web Flipz™ book will go on sale May 24. It is current at the printer and is expected to be my hand on the above date. Be sure to pre-order soon as this is sure to be a sell out.

Dennis J. Woodyard recieves Emmy Nomination.

Press release: Dragonfly Entertainment is proud to announce that Dennis J. Woodyard, it's creative director, has recieved an Emmy Nomination as Director on Warner Bros. "Ozzy and Drix" animated series" which was nominted in the "Outstanding Special Class Animated Program".

Dragonfly Emporium on Ebay.

Dragonfly Entertainment has open an online store on Ebay offering auctions and fixed price deals on animation art, Dragonfly Flipz books, book, videos, and more. You are invite to check it out.

Feb. 6, 2004

Just a quick up date. Dragonfly Flipz™ - Web Flipz™,of "Alien Parade" by Den Beauvais should be released and on sale in a month or so. Final pre-press is nearly completed. Look for it in selected comic shop and gift stores. Speaking of Alien Parade, be sure to take a peek a the "cool" toy prototype images added to the Alien Parade pages.

Dec. 12, 2003

It's been two month since my last update. Most of the time has been spent working on the "Stripperella" animated TV series as a staff storyboard artist. It proved to be a interesting assignment, but didn't leave much time for my Dragonfly projects. I hope to catch up to "myself" soon. In the meantime please take note of the following:

Dragonfly Flipz™ Sampler on sale at Golden Apple.

Dragonfly Entertainment is happy to annouce that the Dragonfly Flipz™ Sampler is now available at

Golden Apple , the Hollywood store, at 7711 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90046.

"Warrior in the Mist" featured in Komikwerk Volume 2, comic book anthology. Now in comic stores.

"Warrior in the Mist", a sci-fi comic with story and art by yours truly, Dennis J. Woodyard, is now featured in the Komikwerks Volume 2, a printed trade paper anthology series produced by the on-line comic web site Komikwerks.com. This is be the long-delayed print premiere of the "Warrior in the Mist" (click here for details). Scripting credit goes to Cyrus Voris, who's latest credit is co-writer of the action film, "Bullet-proof Monk" which was based on a comic book. The art on this 16 page printed version of "Warrior in the Mist" was adapted from the same art used in the upcoming Comix Flipz™ series. (click here to see the original story art ) I'm really excited about finally getting this story out in print. Komikwerk Vol. 2 is in comic shops now.

Sept. 13, 2003

Dragonfly Flipz™ Sampler Quicktime Preview online.

Also Dragonfly Flipz™ Sampler on sale at LA area comic shops.

The Dragonfly Flipz™ Sampler is now available at several at:

Earth 2, 15017 Venture Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403 (earth2comics.com)


House of Secrets , 1918 W.Olive. Burbank CA

My thanks to Judd of Earth 2, and Paul at House of Secrets. If your the Los Angeles area be sure to visit these fine shops for their great selection and friendly service. Look for additional shops, soon.

Thanks for visiting,

Dennis J. Woodyard

July 31, 2003

Dragonfly Flipz™ "Sampler" premiere's at San Diego Comic Con. Now on Sale!

The San Diego Comic Con was an exciting event , bigger and better than ever. Dragonfly Entertainment was proud to be a part of it. My thanks to all the attendees who stopped by my booth and especilally those who brought the Dragonfly Flipz™ Sampler. The positive feedback from those who stopped by very encourging. I look forward to releasing the full versions of the featured properties.

As excitng as the Comic Con was , it was also very exhausting for someone handling a booth alone. My special thanks to Nick F. and Catherine J.L. for watching my booth while a tried to "network" and grab a quick bite to eat.

Check out the Dragonfly Flipz™ Sampler page. This 96 page flip book showcase 5 upcoming Dragonfly Flipz™ products. (Concrete, Ghost, Nexus, Warrior in the Mist, and Alien Parade). This first Flipz™ Book came out great ! I'm very happy with the finished product (my personal thanks toRobert Conte of Regent Publishing Services, Hong Kong, for service above and beyond the call of duty). Dragonfly Flipz™ is now available for sale online. Buy one or more today.

Another Dragonfly premiere at the Comic Con was the Warrior in the Mist printed version, which will be featured in Komikwerks.com Anthology Vol.2. Much thanks to Patrick Coyle and Shannon Denton for getting me an advanced copy for my table. Look for Vol.1, on sale in august at comic shops everywhere.

I'll post some Comic Con pics soon, so please check in again.

Best Wishes,


June 1, 2003

Dragonfly Flipz™ presents Concrete and Ghost - Comix Flipz™.

First of all, sorry for the long delay in updating. I think the following exciting news will prove to be worth the wait.

Dragonfly Entertainment is proud to annouce the upcoming Comix Flipz™, animated flip books, featuring Paul Chadwick's "Concrete" and Dark Horse's Comics' "Ghost".

I'm thrilled to have been able to license two of my favorite characters from Dark Horse Comic. (A special thanks to Anita Nelson, VP of Sales and Licensing at DH, for all her help.) I hope this is just a begining a exciting creative relationship. Please check out my newly updated Dragonfly Flipz™ pages for more details.

Other Dragonfly Flips News:

Nexus, and Warrior in the Mist - Comix Flip™. Alien Parade - Web Flipz™ coming soon.

Progress on the Comix Flipz™ versions of Steve Rude and Mike Baron's "Nexus", Dragonfly Ent.'s original "Warrior in the Mist " and Den Beauvais' "Alien Parade" - Web Flipz™ continues to move along. If all goes well there should be some flip books ready for the San Diego Comic-Con this July. Speaking of the convention:

Dragonfly Entertainment returns to the 2003 San Diego Comic-Con Intertnational.

Dragonfly Ent. will again be an exhibitor at this year San Diego Comic-Con. to be held July 17th to 20th. Dragonfly Ent. will be there for Preview Night on July 16th. Be sure to drop my and get the latest scoop on all our upcoming projects Dragonfly Flipz™ and others, thus as the following.

"Warrior in the Mist" featured in Komikwerk Volume 2, comic book anthology.

"Warrior in the Mist", a sci-fi comic with story and art by yours truly, Dennis J. Woodyard, will be featured in the Komikwerks Volume 2, a printed trade paper anthology series produced by the on-line comic web site Komikwerks.com. This will be the long-delayed print premiere of the "Warrior in the Mist" (click here for details). Scripting credit goes to Cyrus Voris, who's latest credit is co-writer of the action film, "Bullet-proof Monk" which was based on a comic book. The art on this 16 page printed version of "Warrior in the Mist" was adapted from the same art used in the upcoming Comix Flipz™ series. (click here to see the original story art ) I'm really excited about finally getting this story out in print. Komikwerk Vol. 2 should ship to comic shops in September. But, Komikwerks.com plans to have copies Komikwerks Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 at their booth at the San Diego Comic-Con. Dragonfly Ent. will be sure to set up some sort of cross-promotion with them there. I also plan to contribute another comic story to the planned Komikwerk Vol. 3. Check this site, and their's, for more news, soon.

Thundercats Animation Cels auctioned on Ebay

So, as some of you may know, I've posted ThunderCats cels for sell on Ebay. I was pleasently surprised by the interest in them. I'm planning to sell more T'Cats cels in the near future. Beside the monetary gain, I've really enjoyed connecting with the Thundercats fans. You can check for my future ebay auctions by searching "by seller", my seller name is "dflyent". Good luck if you decide to bid.

Other News, and Odds & Ends:

I just wrapping up my latest animation gig that as a director on the Warner Bros Animation series "Ozzy and Drix" for Kids WB network. It was a whirlwind schedule, (13 shows in 4 months -yikes!), but a lot of fun. My thanks to Producer Ron Myrick for bringing me on board, again. I hope we can work together again in the near future. So, it back to the freelance jungle, and believe me it doesn't look pretty out there.

I plan to set up an on-line shop to sell Dragonfly Flipz™ books as soon as they become available. I might start pre-orders at the San Diego Comic-Con. I'll keep everyone posted.

That's it for now.

Best regards,

Dennis J. Woodyard

Alien Parade - Part 1 Now on Sale
Steward Lee's "Cat Burglar - Web Flipz™". Coming Summer 2005
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