Comix Flipz™ Animated Flipbook Comics

Comix Flipz™ , is a simple but highly creative merging of two basic visual art forms, comic books, and the animated flip book. The basic idea is to use the flip book format to tell narrative stories.

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The format works this way:

1. Read front cover, full title art just like a regular comic.

2. Flip pages front to back to see animation.

3. Read the back cover. This has a full mini-comic page on it with enlarged word balloons which continue the story continuity.

4. Then you flip the pages back to front for more animation with a “...TO BE CONTINUED” on the last several pages (frames) if necessary.

The Comix Flipz™ format will be ideal to adapt short, three to five page long comic book stories from independent anthologies. These comic stories will become 3 or 4 Comix Flipz™ books. These books can be sold separately or as a boxed set.

Comix Flipz™ will showcase established comic book favorites and up and coming “new comers” in a new and exciting way. It will also give independent creators and small publishers a way to experiment with animation.

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