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I had to pleasure of working on the Thundercats animated series, produced by Rankin / Bass in the 1980's . I designed all the secondary characters, some props, and some backgrounds for final season (Show #96 -"The Totem of Dera" to Show #130 - "The Book of Omens" ). I also wrote two episodes Show # 125 - "The Shadow Master" and Show #129 - "Well of Doubt". This gallery features images from original production animation cels I have or formerly owned ( many were sold in Ebay auctions over the past year or so). The drawings are from xerox copies of the production art I did for the Thundercats (except were noted). It seems this section is one of the most visited part of my web site, so , I'll promise to keep posting art as long as you keep visiting.

Click on the thumbnails below for larger image. Enjoy.

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