Dragonfly Entertaiment is proud to introduce

Toon Flipz™ TPB Animate Story Flipbooks

Toon Flipz™ is the creative fusion of film story books and the animated flipbook. Dragonfly Toon Flipz™ books brings animation "movie magic" and art to the printed page.

Toon Flipz™ presents animated flip book adaptions of scenes from animated films and television entertainment. From classic early pioneering cartoons to the lastest spectacular anime features, Toon Flipz™ will cover them all. Again, as with Cinema Flipz™, Toon Flipz™ could be useful in introducing various animation “gems” to a new audience. This brief expose could encourge viewers, young and old, to seek out a newly re-discovered “toon” on DVD or video. In this way Toon Flipz™ could be used by owners of large film librarys as a low cost way to generate interest in forgotten titles or shows. With the addition of word balloons and text, today's hottest animation entertainment, and some favorite classics, will be showcased for your enjoyment in this new, innovative 5" x 7" Trade Paper Book format of Dragonfly Flipz™Animated Flipbooks.

Dragonfly Game Flipz™ will also be available in two mini-book formats..

Dragonfly Flipz™ TPB concept and flip book art & Design:

Dennis J. Woodyard

Concept Sample Book - Not Actual product
Cover for Merlin and the Dragons - Toon Flipz™ (Mini-Format)
Hold By Spline
Open and look at Top Panel
Flip pages Front to Back. Repect 3X as you look to each panel.
Turn Book Over
Repect Page Flipping Action 3X as you look at the Top, Middle, and Bottom Panel, during each.