Dragonfly Entertaiment is proud to introduce

Game Flipz™ Animate Story Flipbooks

Game Flipz™ is the creative fusion of Game Graphics and the animated flipbook. Dragonfly Game Flipz™ books brings dynamic game action to the printed page.

Game Flipz™ presents an animated flip book adaptions of the Video game trailers, game play, and cut scenes in this innovative 3 1/2" x 5" Mini Book. With the addition of word balloons and text the exciting storylines, characters, and special moves, of today's hottest games, and some favorite classics, will be your's to enjoy in this new series of Dragonfly Flipz™Animated Flipbooks.

Dragonfly Game Flipz™ will also be available in two Premium formats..

Dragonfly Flipz™ concept and flip book art & Design:

Dennis J. Woodyard

Click On Top Panel Image to see Hidden VANGUARD Game Flipz™ Page
Click On Bottom Panel Image to see Hidden HALO Game Flipz™ Page
Click these Image for more Game Flipz Concept Pages
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Concept Sample Books - Not Actual products
Hold By Spline
Open and look at Top Panel
Flip pages Front to Back. Repect 3X as you look to each panel.
Turn Book Over
Repect Page Flipping Action 3X as you look at the Top, Middle, and Bottom Panel, during each.