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Dec.13, 2002

Dragonfly Flipz™ Coming Soon.

Just a quick update, my Dragonfly Flipz™ is processing nicely. I'm in talks with a major comic book company to license several of my favorite characters. Please check out my newly updated Dragonfly Flipz™ pages.

Also, I've posted more ThunderCats cels for your viewing pleasure. I'm considering selling some T'Cats cels in the near future, probably on Ebay. I'm curious to see if there is any interest out there for them.

Just in case I don't update before the holidays, I'd like to wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season and a wonderfull New Year.

Best Wishes,


Aug. 13, 2002

Dragonfly Flipz™ Previewed at San Diego Comic Con.

What a trip! Thanks to all the attendees who visited by booth at the Con. I'm still recovering from the trip. I'll have a more detailed update soon. There is a lot of good news to share.

In the meantime, I've started to post info on the Dragonfly Flipz™, animated flip books, I will be producing. Check it out.

Also I'll be posting more ThunderCats cels soon.

Thanks again,


June 23, 2002

The Next Big Thing. Dragonfly Flipz™.

Wow, it's been a while since the last update. Since then, I have discovered (more like stumbled upon) a new creative direction for Dragonfly and myself. Check out Dragonfly Flipz™ page (coming soon)for all the glorious details. Also, look for me at the San Diego Comic Con, this august.

Two other developments since my last update. I've been working as a storyboard artist at Warner Bros. TV Animation on the "Ozzy and Drix" series. My Thanks to Ron Myrick for the gig. It's been a lot of fun.

Secondly, WildStrom Comics, a DC imprint, announced that they are bringing out a "Thundercats" Comic this august. It will be a real kick for me because , although I have nothing to with it creatively, art-wise, they will be featuring the "ShadowMaster" , a character I created for the script I wrote for the ThunderCats series. I'm looking froward to seeing what these hot young creator do with those characters. Check out the new ThunderCats Page posted elsewhere on my site. It features the original design sketch of the "ShadowMaster" and some production cels. It's just a quickl sample, I plan to add more to it later.

Hopefully , I'll get to do quicker updates, but for now that's it.



Feb. 11, 2002

Welcome to D'Fly Views.

Hello and welcome to the Dragonfly Entertainment website. As with any website, this one has multible objectives with each section aimed at filling a specfic role.

Home: Entrance title page and welcome. Click on the images or buttons to move to new section.

Info: Here you'll find information about Dragonfly Entertainment and myself. This section includes a resume with recent credits, a brief biogaphy, and links to some recent artwork.

Projects: This section is a showcase for projects that are in current development. These are projects that I feel are ready for serious consideration from interested parties (studio, networks, webisode producer, etc.) who seeking new properties. In most cases a great deal of development materials have been started. These include pitch outlines, character designs, story plots, and even animatics. The number of projects will surely increase in the near future. The are many ideas I'm eager to present.

Art Gallery: This section speaks for itself. The Art Gallery is where I plan to present artwork from various stages of my career. Most of it will be unpublished work from sketch books or old portfolio pieces I'd like to showcase before they turn yellow and fall apart. There will also be sections containing work from animation shows and pojects I've been involved with, such "ThunderCats", "Gargoyles", and little known shows like "Galaxy Rangers", and "Exo-Squad".

Feel free to explore all the pages of this site. I'm sure you will enjoy it. Please email me at the link above and give me your thoughts and comments. They will be welcomed.


Dennis J. Woodyard

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