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Dragonfly Entertaiment is proud to introduce

Cinema Flipz™ TPB Animate Story Flipbooks

Cinema Flipz™ is the creative next step in the long tradition of movie animated flipbooks. Dragonfly Cinema Flipz™ books brings dynamic film action to the printed page as never before.

Cinema Flipz™ presents animated flip book adaptions of scenes from classic Sci-Fi , Fantasy, and Horror films. From such classics as “Metropolis“ to the latest blockbusters, Cinema Flipz™ will bring memorable scenes to film lovers, students and collectors in a compact, immediate, and accessible form. In addition, the inside cover and several interior pages will be used for film descriptions, credits, and reprinted commentary from noted film critics and historians.

Cinema Flipz™ would be an excellent way to introduce young movie goers to the rich moments of “movie magic” from pioneering films of the past such as “King Kong” with it’s stop-motion animation by Willis O’Brien, “Metropolis” with it’s robot / Maria transformation (shown here) or the Death Star attack in original “Star Wars” . These are but a few examples. From film classics to cult favorites the possibilities are endless, and the fun boundless.

Dragonfly Cinema Flipz™will be presented in an innovative , 5" x 7" Trade Paper Book format. In addition Cinema will be offer the classic mini-book of Dragonfly Flipz™.

Dragonfly Flipz™ TPB concept and flip book art & Design:

Dennis J. Woodyard

Concept Sample Book - NOT FOR SALE

Available for review by Rights Owner for Possible Licensing.

More Cinema Flipz™:
Hold By Spline
Open and look at Top Panel
Flip pages Front to Back. Repect 3X as you look to each panel.
Turn Book Over
Repect Page Flipping Action 3X as you look at the Top, Middle, and Bottom Panel, during each.