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Velocity is the fun and exciting story of several hot rod-loving teenagers from a small , Midwest town in the 1950's called Velloville. Who, after a daring street race, accidentally, stumble upon a hidden UFO. Inadvertently, they launch themselves into the outer reaches of the galaxy at nearly the speed of light. These unintentional pilots slowly learn to guide their craft back to a crash landing on earth. However, they soon discover that what seemed to them like a few weeks was in reality several hundred years and they are themselves marooned in a futuristic metropolis called VeloCity. A city dominated by one sport and one industry, Hyperacing. They come to realize that their only hope for returning home to their past, lies with the assistance of a professor who claims to possess the secrets of time travel. They must, however, first find this mysterious man. A man who is also being hunted by an evil corporation for their own diabolical cause.

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